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Are DIY and Customs Items like Keyboards/Keyboard Kits covered under warranty?Updated 10 months ago

Please test PCBs as soon as possible using safe testing methodology. Any damage incurred during your keyboard build will void your RMA. We will inspect for any damage caused by the user/evidence of modification. Remember, there is a limited number of PCBs so please be safe.

Use the correct driver size for screws. Be mindful of stripping screws during your build!

DIY items and custom items with manufacturer's defects are ONLY eligible for a refund/replacement (if stock is available) if they are:

1) Reported within 30 days,

2) Inspected by manufacturer and proven to have a manufacturer's defect (not user damage or improper use), and

3) Returned in unused condition (and not assembled) with manufacturer's original carton and must include all components or other items originally packaged with the product (i.e. cables, manuals, bump-ons/feet, etc.).

Keyboard Lubing can damage your keyboard, and will void the warranty if used.

Custom cables, PCBs, LEDs, diodes, keyswitches, lubricant, and similar parts sold for keyboard repair or modding do not have a warranty from the manufacturer, and we cannot be held liable for damage including, but not limited to, damage from improper use, stripped screws, installation, or modification.

Any defective parts for Keyboard kits must be shipped to us at your cost and expense. Deskhero will pay for cost of return shipping of replacements for defective parts.

If you prefer to return your keyboard/key board kit to Deskhero for any reason, we are happy to accept all returns meeting the conditions listed above. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless you have a qualifying defect and approved for an RMA. Please note your order's original shipping charges are non-refundable. There is a 5% Return processing fee.

Please contact our Deskhero Support Team at [email protected] prior to returning your item to discuss the best available options. 

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