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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your FAQs including Group Buy/Preorder inquiries, order edits, issues and more.

General Inquiries

Answers to common questions. Including processing time, MOQ, price adjustments and more.

What is a Group Buy/Pre-order/Extras?

There are three phases to our Group Buy sets: Group Buy, Pre-orders, and Extras redirects me to! What gives?

We've closed down but don't worry if you want to view the website and your orders you may go to your unfulfilled orders will still be shipped out. Once fulfilled, you will receive a shipping confirmation e

Can I Add or Swap Item(s) to My Order?

Adding or swapping items may be possible on a case-by-case basis. Click for details.

Missing Or Incorrect Items Received

I'm missing an item or received the wrong variant. What do I do?

My Keycap Set Has Defects

Claim defect submission details.

I Think My Set Has Twisted Stems! What should I do?

It appears some of the 1.5u keycaps of GMK Handarbeit and GMK Zooted are twisted, as well as possibly other sets. Reach out to [email protected] to submit a claim.

Are DIY and Customs Items like Keyboards/Keyboard Kits covered under warranty?

Please test PCBs as soon as possible using safe testing methodology like tweezers. Use the correct driver size for screws. Be mindful of stripping screws during your build!

Are custom keyboards QC'd at Deskhero?

Some high end keyboards are shrink wrapped and/or packages are sealed. In this case Deskhero is unable to look at every keyboard for inspection and will defer to the original manufacturer Quality Control Guidelines. Some keyboard kits would need to b