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Current Shipping ScheduleUpdated 3 days ago

Ongoing Updates (July 17) 


  • UPS and Canada Post has temporarily suspended air package services to the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and will not accept any mail pieces to these countries.
  • We've closed down but don't worry if you want to view the website and your orders you may go to
  • All your unfulfilled orders will still be shipped out. Once fulfilled, you will receive a shipping confirmation email.
  • If your order includes any other products not yet in stock, shipment will wait until all items have been received.
  • Be sure to notify us of any address changes or login into your FREE Deskhero account to update the specific order.

[Shipping In Progress: Fulfillment schedule below is an estimate only and is subject to change without notice]
GMK Pharaoh Deskmats and Ramas 
- Shipping in progress.
GMK Kitsune Deskmats - Shipping in progress.

[Have Arrived. In processing]
Bulwark TKL - Received Top cases, wrist rest aluminum, bottom case aluminum pieces. Awaiting PCB, Plates, Foam etc.
KAT Milkshake - Has arrived, in processing.

[Almost Here! Be sure to let us know of any address changes]
GMK Nord Deskmats - On it's way here via Sea Transit.

[In Transit: On it's way to DESKHERO]
RAMA Agent 01 - Shipment lost. TBD
ND75 Keyboard - 1.22mm is current enroute to us. Sea Freight
Copper Eagle Keysets - Enroute to us. Sea Freight.
Magnus175 Keyboard - Enroute to us. Sea Freight. Estimated shipping early September.
KBM Fairy Keysets - Enroute to us. Sea Freight. Estimated shipping early September.

[Shipping Complete (or Almost)]
Beast X Max - Shipping complete.
January Keyboard - Shipping complete.
Modern Ink Deskmats - "The Modern" Deskmat Shipping complete. Awaiting other variants. 
is0GR Micropad - Shipping 95% complete
GMK Euler Deskmat - Shipping complete
GMK Botanical Macropads - Shipping complete
GMK Phantom HIBI - Shipping complete
GMK Expo - Shipping complete
Rainy 75 Keyboard - Shipping complete

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