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General InquiriesUpdated 3 months ago

How Can I Contact You?

I sent you an email and haven't heard back in a couple days.

  • We try to answer emails within 1-3 business days (Monday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm). Deskhero observes Canadian holidays. Order processing, shipping, and customer support will be delayed during those times.
  • It's best to use a new email versus replying to a thread if the original thread is older than a week - threads can often get buried.

I sent you a Reddit/Discord/Instagram message, but I haven't heard back? What's going on?

  • While I try to respond to every Reddit/Discord/Facebook/Instagram message, I am not always able to reply. Always use email to get in touch with me.

What is your processing time?

  • Fulfillment is usually within 2-4 business days for in-stock/ready ship items prior to shipping. (See below for Group Buy estimated times)
  • Deskhero observes Canadian holidays. Order processing, shipping, and customer support will be delayed during those times.
  • Note: Payments made via PayPal echeck take more time to process and any in-stock/ready ship items will not be reserved while payment is pending. Stock may be sold out prior to payment being cleared and your order may be cancelled.

What is the estimated shipping time on Group Buys?

  • GMK/KAT typically begin shipping 12-14 months after the end of the Group Buy
  • ePBT/SA/Infinikey typically begins shipping 10-12 months after the end of the Group Buy
  • Deskmats typically begin shipping 9-11 months after the end of the Group Buy
  • Note: The estimated date of delivery for any Group Buy/Preorder is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur and are not uncommon.

You missed your estimated timeline. What's going on?

  • We provide Weekly Updates for all group buys, so that customers can stay informed and up to date on the progress. Many times unforeseen issues can occur, which can cause delays.
  • Check out our Group Buy Update Page

Can I purchase a Group Buy/Pre-order item with a ready ship/in-stock item in the same order?

  • Unfortunately no. Group Buy/Pre-order items arrive months after the end of a group buy/pre-order so we are not able to hold in-stock inventory for such a long period until the Group Buy/Pre-order item arrives.
  • In the rare case that we allow in-stock items to be combined with Group Buy/Pre-order items, your order will be shipped once all items have arrived. When placing an order with us, shipping costs are calculated for one shipment only. If you would like to split ship your order, please let us know and we can arrange/invoice you for additional shipping.

Can I combine a Group Buy's/Pre-Order's matching (or non-matching in-stock) deskmat with the keyset in my order?

  • Unfortunately no. There was a time where orders allowed to add deskmats and keysets together but due to the nature of production -deskmats often come many months before the keysets arrive. There is simply not enough space to store deskmats for months at at time. 
  • This may change in the future, and some sets may allow it depending on manufacturing timelines for both the keysets and deskmats

Can I combine two or more in-stock orders to save on shipping?

  • Unfortunately, combining orders need to be done manually and has caused too many errors with fulfillment to split it out. 
  • If two or more in-stock orders are made within a few days then we can attempt to combine them but cannot offer any guarantees. 
  • If we are able to combine orders, we will refund partial or full shipping costs on the one order depending on if there is any change to the weight or size of the box. Please reach out to [email protected] to make the request.
  • Please be mindful of your final order!

Do you offer Price Adjustments?

  • Unless otherwise stated as part of the specific sale terms, if an item you ordered within the last 14 days goes on sale, we will refund you the price difference on the original order. Any orders placed outside of the 14 day window are not eligible for a price adjustment.

What is MOQ?

  • Group Buys are subject to MOQ's or Minimum Order Quantities. This is the minimum number of units needed per Group Buy/Group Buy variant for our manufacturers to agree to produce to ensure customers get the best pricing. MOQs are set by the manufacturer.
  • If the Group Buy does not meet the required MOQ for a particular item/variant, then that item will be cancelled and fully refunded to the original payment method used.  

Where are you located?

Our mailing address is:

PO BOX 99900 HF 869 475
R2J 4L1

Do you offer Local pick up?

  • Due to the current Covid situation we can no longer offer Local Pickup and are not yet set up for curbside delivery.  We're working on it and hoping local pick up/curbside delivery will be doable in the future.

My keyboard has stripped screws. What can I do?

Can I change my Deskhero Account/Profile Password?

I got charged twice for my order. What do I do?

  • If an order is successfully placed, you would automatically get an order confirmation. For any unsuccessful payment attempts, your bank should be automatically crediting your account. Please confirm with your bank on the final transaction for further verification. If your bank required anything further from us or if you have any further concerns please contact us at [email protected]

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