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My Keycap Set Has DefectsUpdated 4 months ago

  • If you receive a keycap set that is missing a keycap or has damaged keycaps, please submit a claim form. Details below.

  • Deskhero will save 5% of each kit in the set. If a specific issue has occurred over that number (this number may change) - we will work with the manufacturer to determine if it is a manufacturer defect and begin the process to obtain fix kits if possible
  • If it is less than 5%, Deskhero will consider the issue rare/one off and will work with the customer to use the saved kits to replace the affected key(s) or issue a partial refund or start an RMA if desired. While saved kit supplies last.

  • If a potential issue arises through our support channels - we will create a Google Form for verified customers to collect this data.

  • If issues are over 5%, replacement keys will be dependent on the claim submissions filed with the manufacturer.

  • Keycap defects must be reported within 30 days of receiving your order to be eligible for a claim submission. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to submit your claim submission.

  • Here are examples of issues that may warrant a replacement:

1.    Missing caps (duplicate caps)

2.    Duplicate caps

3.    Extremely scuffed/damaged caps

4.    Major specks/imperfections

5.    Illegible legends

6.    Off center legends

  • Approved claims will receive replacements for the individual key, NOT a return and exchange for the entire set.
  • The slight bending of a spacebar derives from the production process and is to some degree inherent to all space bars. Due to the wide variety of custom colors GMK makes spacebars from, each production process is new. Meaning, the composite of the material changes with every different custom color. And the different pigments in the material influence the slight bending of a spacebar. This is the reason that sets will vary in this respect.
  • All spacebars are from the same production run per keyset. GMK measures the spacebars to ensure they are within tolerance. In general, the spacebars should have enough play on the keyboard to be functional. All our keycaps work best with original Cherry MX switches, and not a dupe/clone. 
  • *Minor specks/imperfections that are not detectable from regular viewing distance or within the visible area of a fully assembled keyboard (approx. >1.5 ft away) or on the north/back side of a key) may not constitute as a defect.

  • Every submission will be examined by Deskhero and potentially the manufacturer on a case by case basis.

  • Further, more detailed instructions will be outlined if/when the Google form is created to collect the data.
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